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Starting From Scratch

Find out about our project consultancy packages. Hire an expert consultant to help you all the way to opening day.

Menu Design

Your menu represents your business, make sure it is competitive, interesting and acheivable.

Bar Staff Training

Staff training is one of the most important things you can invest in as a business owner. Get your team up to scratch.

Starting From Scratch

If you are working from the ground up on a new project, getting those doors open can seem like an arduous task. We offer a comprehensive bar consultancy package, which includes;

  • Menu design
  • Staff training
  • Setup advice, behind the bar
  • Opening night support

The service we provide helps you get things right the first time. Bar consultancy is both time and cost efficient, working towards highlighting teething problems and resolving them, alongside the view to set your business off working fast and profitable.

Menu Design

Equally as important as the strength of your branding, is the impactfulness of your drinks menu. It is important not only to have an eye catching menu in print, but to also have one that stands out in the glass too. Quality aesthetics in the hospitality industry is driving the vast majority of new customers towards bars and restaurants, so it is imperative that yours shines.

Staff Training

Investing in your staff shows commitment to both them and your customers, so why not take the opportunity now to consider a bar staff training programme? Here at The Swordmaker, we have worked with multiple establishments across the North East, writing menu training guides, running cocktail classes and ensuring that every time, the staff are left feeling confident and ready to impress.

Training programmes can be tailored to your needs, or included in our menu design packages. from you.

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