What's our story?

Who we are, our ethos and why we love what we do.

The Swordmakers of Shotley Bridge

In the 17th century, several families of expert sword makers are said to have fled religious persecution in Solingen, Germany and found their way to Shotley Bridge in the North-eastern Derwent Valley. It was here that they decided to set up and continue what they knew how to do best, which was to craft the famous hollow blade sword. On their search for the perfect place to create these wondrous swords they settled upon Shotley Bridge, as it harboured soft water for steel tempering and vast stores of Ironstone. It was from these craftspeople that we adopted our identity of The Swordmaker. We carry the ethos of the Shotley Bridge swordmaker’s in everything we do, always aiming for the best and willing to go where ever we need, to provide the amazing service we know can.

Behind the brand

 The person responsible for pursuing such an endeavour is a man named Josh Callon, our business owner and creator. Josh started this company with a mobile cocktail bar in mind, fantasizing over the possibility that he would be able to transform any room into a classic cocktail bar. After over 6 years of experience behind some of the classiest cocktail bars, travelling from Newcastle to New Zealand, Josh has learned all about what it takes to offer a service to remember.  

 Josh is a perfectionist and admires the real world of cocktail bartending, so much so that he is willing to share it with as many people as he can. This is what The Swordmaker is all about. 

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